Most people go to their Barbers, get a hair cut, and have a “name brand” product put in their hair. Sure, it probably works good, does the job. Well, at Superior Barbershop and Shave lounge, we don’t want to be that shop. We have developed our own product line that we not only know works, but stand behind it 1000%.

Big Sal doesn’t do “normal” very well. He always puts his own personal twists on things. So when he decided he wanted his name on the label, well it only seemed natural to give the names a twist!

Big Sal’s STICKY ICKY Hair Wax

Big Sal’s BEARD-B-GONE Shave Oil

Big Sal’s Mint MAN GOO Hair Gel

Big Sal’s CHERRY BOMB Facial Elixir

Although the names might be funny, Big Sal took the actual product development very serious. Fresh mint scent with a tea tree back round, it is sure to please.

We will be selling the products soon, but we are currently using them in the shop. If you get a chance to come try them out, we are SURE you will fall in love and forget about your “normal” products at home.

-Michelle Castiello

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What to look for in YOUR Barber…

Finding the Barber that fits your needs is not like finding a shirt that fits right….

Some people think finding the right barber is crucial: I would be one of those people! A Barber is not only the person who you visit once, twice a month, but also a friend, a confidant. As a Barber, I have learned that giving a great hair cut is not only what it’s all about. Being able to listen to people all day about whats current in their lives, and remembering it for the next visit is very important. I consider myself more of a friend to a lot of my clients than just their Barber…..

So, what should YOU look for when finding the Barber for you?

First, you have to trust the quality of the Barber is up to what you would expect. Some people might be comfortable with a “good” hair cut, but why not get a “GREAT” cut? Don’t you deserve it?

Second, is the location good for you? This one is tricky because I personally have a very loyal clientel; they would follow me no matter how far I went (and some have!) But for some people, fitting a hair cut into their schedule is crucial. So try to find a place that is suitable for your location.

Last, but most definitely not least, finding someone you want to commit to as “your Barber”! I know some people don’t really care if they sit with the same person every time. I also know as a Barber, my clientel is the most loyal around. They consider me THEIR BARBER, and they know what they are going to get every time they come. And that is a great service.

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Introducing Big Sal

Some people may know you by name or face, but in the case of Sal Castiello, he is known as Big Sal the Barber. He is one of the biggest personalities around, a character in its own. Heavily tattooed, Big Sal is by far one of the most expressive people around; but don’t let his image fool you. Lets take a moment to find out about Sal, and his life as a Barber.

What made you decide to enter the Barber world?

I loved going to the Barbershop as a kid. The smells, the sights, the comrodery of guys all ages, having a place to talk as much shit as they want. After being born into the food industry, I was tired of smelling like a meat ball after work and though  I would rather smell like after shave and talc powder. I had crazy hair cuts growing up as a kid, always doing different things with my hair and to other peoples hair. I thought if I could make money doing it wouldn’t be so bad! And now here I am today, and I absolutely love what I do.

How did you get the name “Big Sal”?

Besides the fact that I can’t fit in a booth at Friendly’s, I am kinda a character.  I am a big guy, with a bigger mouth and ever since I can remember I have always been a big kid. 7th and 8th grade, I wanted go play pop-a-warner football, but instead I played JV High School football and kids used to call me Big Sal.

What would you say your specialty is in Barbering?

That  is hard to answer because I am so well rounded. I would like to think that my specialty is bringing classic barbering with a urban modern twist to todays generation of a barbershop at its highest quality. But if I had to say, I am pretty nice with the razor.

What is it like being a new Barbershop on the North Shore?

It is great! There are so many different types of people that I get to meet every single day. Its a nice feeling knowing that different walks of life know my face as the big friendly neighborhood barber. But as far as being a new business in todays society I feel very grateful and thankful that I have had such a great turn out in my first year from my surrounding community.

How long have you been a Barber?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been cutting hair for the better part of 11 years. I don’t recommend the way I went about things to someone new in the industry, but just like most things that I have done in my life, I did it ass backwards. I started off just telling myself I was good enough to work in a barbershop, and was lucky to find places over the years to give me a shot on the sly without being licensed. But when I realized that this was what I was meant to do, I decided to make it offical and went to barber school. Just as recent as 2010,  I have become a Master Barber. But as far as I am concerned, I have had the skills of a Master since 2005…

What can the average joe expect when they walk into Big Sal’s Superior Barbershop?

Well, first thing they can expect to be greated by me and my staff like we have known them for 10 years. And then, once you walk through those doors, and sit in my chair, its the first day of the best hair cut for the rest of your life. But with all seriousness, someone that doesn’t know what to expect can expect a customized service for their indivual grooming needs, to make sure they have their personal image that they desire….

Who is Sal Castiello?

I am a father of 2 beautiful children, a husband, a family man. I love being Big Sal, but when I get home, I am Sal the daddy. I have been married for almost 4 years, my children are 5 and 2. If it wasn’t for life as Sal, I would have no reason to be Big Sal. I love playing with my kids, cooking and just enjoying the time that I have with them. Life as a barber/business owner can be very demanding, so the time I am home is time well enjoyed!

So, in a nut shell, Big Sal could have talked about how great he is as a Barber forever, and to be honest, I would totally agree! Time and time again, I have watched him transform someone into a person who not only knows they look great, but also feels great. He is a person that takes great pride in every cut, shave and person that he encounters. Big Sal is new to the North Shore, but has already made his mark in the Barbering world!!!! -Michelle Castiello (wife)

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